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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive trip offers requested via Uber?

Once you have agreed to Uber’s and ARRO’s Terms of Service and have been deemed eligible, you will receive trip offers the same way you receive e-hail and AAR trip offers today — through the taxi driver information monitor.

How will I know it is a trip offer requested via Uber?

The trip offer on your Driver Information Monitor will say “UBER”.

How are trips requested via Uber priced?

The rates for these trips will be based on per-minute and per-mile rates comparable to the rates that apply to Uber’s High Volume For-Hire Service Base operations, which are established by the TLC (available at https://www1.nyc.gov/site/tlc/about/driver-pay-rates.page). You will be shown the trip price upfront along with the offer.

Will there be surge pricing?

Yes! This surge amount will be included in the up-front trip price.

How will I be paid?

You will be paid for these trips the same way you are currently paid for e-hail and AAR trips.

What about tips?

Riders who use Uber tip their drivers after the trip is over. When a rider adds a tip to your trip, CMT will notify you, and you will be paid the full tip amount.

What about tolls and congestion fees?

Tolls and congestion fees will be added to the fare like regular credit card trips.

What about passenger cancellation fees?

Under certain conditions, you will be paid a cancellation fee when a rider who uses Uber cancels a trip before pickup. CMT will notify you when you are to be paid a cancellation fee.