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We’ve done the math. Fares from AAR trips are higher, on average, than street hails. Which means whether you’re doing 6 or 60 every week, you’re getting more for your effort. And this is just one of the many reasons our drivers love the program!

About the Program

The Access-A-Ride (AAR) program helps thousands of New Yorkers get where they need to go daily. ARRO and CMT are proud to partner with AAR to help keep all of NYC on the move! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Drivers and their vehicles must comply with all of the AAR Program Policies
  • Drivers must be ADA Certified to receive trips
  • AAR trips provide drivers guaranteed payments.
  • Drivers who accept more trips, get more offers!
  • Though slightly different from regular app trips, AAR trips are just as simple:
  • Trips are sent to your in-vehicle equipment
  • Once you accept, step-by-step instructions are sent to you to ensure you reach your pick-up point and final destination easily.

Sign up to get certified and/or find more answers to your questions below.

Get ADA Certified


Yes, ADA certification requirements (including drug testing) are mandatory for receiving AAR trips. Sign up at

Only three things are required for certification: 1) Schedule and complete an ADA training class online at . 2) Complete a pre-enrollment drug test after your class. 3) Participate in random drug and alcohol testing throughout the year. Everything is FREE.

Yes, you must do two things 1) display your Access-A-Ride window sign before picking up passengers to be more easily identified and 2) check each passenger’s AAR ID to make sure you are picking up the right person. After you’ve verified the passenger’s identity, you can begin the trip, following the instructions on your MDT.

Due to COVID-19, the MTA has changed its copay requirements. Drivers should not collect a cash co-pay and passengers aren’t required to pay. If you have any questions, call (929) 250-0001.

Yes, if your AAR trip requires the use of the wheelchair function in your vehicle you will be paid a WAV bonus as well as the fare. The WAV bonus will be paid within a few days of the trip.

AAR trips, like all e-hails, are upfront priced. Drivers will see the fare amount when the offer is given. Upfront prices closely track metered fares.

At the first sign that there is an issue with the passenger in the vehicle (AAR ID, AAR per-trip fee or anything else) please do not try to resolve with the passenger on your own but immediately call the hotline and ask for assistance (929) 250-0001.

Yes! The program is available to both Yellow and Green taxis.

You may need to give assistance to the passengers on occasion. This will appear as a door-to-door trip on your MDT. ADA training class will provide instructions for assisting passengers properly.

Once you arrive at the pickup location, you will need to wait at least 5 minutes from the pickup time before you can end the trip as “No Show”. On occasion we may ask you to wait longer as some passengers need extra time.

Yes. In order to receive the No-Show fee, you must first call the CMT Dispatch center (929-250-0001) and let them know the passenger is not yet there. They will attempt to contact the passenger and get them into the vehicle. If you take these steps and the passenger still does not show up, you will be paid a No-Show fee.

Call Support at (929) 250-0001 so we can coordinate the best way for you to locate the passenger.

Yes, you will be given both the pickup and drop-off location of the trip before you accept the offer.  

Passengers must be taken to the destination which is provided to you in the vehicle.   Passengers are NOT allowed to change their destination for an AAR trip. If a passenger requests a change of destination, please ask the passenger to call AAR directly and you should call the CMT Dispatch Center at (929) 250-0001 to make them aware of the situation.  

Passengers are not allowed to make stops along the way.  You should take them directly to the drop-off address provided to you on the MDT.  If a passenger makes this request please advise them to call AAR and you should alert the CMT Dispatch Center at (929) 250-0001.

You must allow the service animal in your taxi. It is illegal to deny service to any passenger regardless if whether they have a service animal or not.

You should contact CMT Customer Service: (718) 937-4444 ext. 3

Bring copies of your: Driver license, hack #, insurance card, vehicle registration, and pre-employment drug test results to CMT Customer Service.

Email for any questions or concerns.