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Upcoming events with high driver earning potential!

Upcoming events with high driver earning potential! Some of the city's most popular events will take place over the next few months. These events will attract thousands of New Yorkers and provide drivers like you with an opportunity to get more trips and earn more money! To help you capitalize on these opportunities, we've provided a [...]

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Make the most of St. Patrick’s Day for Drivers

Make the most of St. Patrick's Day  St. Patrick’s Day is one of the city's busiest festivals. Millions across the city will be celebrating all weekend long and will depend on taxis to get them to their destinations. To help you prepare, we've included some tips below for navigating the busy streets and anticipating [...]

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Increase Your Earnings During the Holidays

Increase Your Earnings During the Holidays With the busiest time of year upon us, we’ve put together a few quick tips to help you maximize your trips and earnings during the holidays, and end this year with a bang! When & Where To Get Trips Christmas falls on a Tuesday this year, [...]

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Introducing ARRO Hotspots

Introducing ARRO Hotspots Did you know the ARRO Driver app provides real-time insight for busy areas, where passengers are looking for rides? If you've been looking to get more trips, here's your answer! 1) Open Your App From your home screen, swipe up from the bottom tab that reads: "STREETS, [...]

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