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Why do I need ADA certification?

ADA certification enables you to get more trips and make more money as a driver. By becoming ADA certified you will qualify for tens of thousands of Access-A-Ride (AAR) trips under the MTA’s new program.


How do I get ADA certified?

Just three things are required to become ADA certified:

  1. Schedule and complete the ADA training class online.
  2. Complete a pre-enrollment drug test (administered immediately following your training course).
  3. Participate in random drug and alcohol testing throughout the year.


How much does it cost?

The cost for training and drug testing is FREE for a limited time. At a later date, participants will be required to pay and that amount will be added to our website for your convenience.


Where will the training class take place?

Online at It’s FREE! (For questions about parking, please email:


How long will the class take?

The online class can be completed at your own speed and leisure. Drug and alcohol testing will be handled at designated testing centers, so the amount of time for testing will depend on their schedules and demand. Some facilities have drivers in and out in less than 30 minutes.


What happens once I complete the class?

After you’ve completed the class, you must also complete your drug test within one week of taking the class. Once both steps are complete, you will be notified via email that you are Certified and you will get immediate access to the largest pool of AAR trips.


Is the class mandatory?

Training class is required for all drivers who wish to receive additional AAR trips and earn more money.


Will I still receive AAR trips if I don’t complete the steps to become certified?

No, these steps are required for receiving AAR trips.


Is drug testing required?

Yes. A pre-enrollment drug test is required to be considered for the program (just as required for obtaining your TLC license).


Am I required to take the pre-enrollment drug test if I already took a drug test when I received/renewed my TLC license?

Yes. The drug test required by the MTA is slightly different and therefore must be done separately.


What does it mean to participate in “random drug and alcohol testing”?

Ongoing drug and alcohol testing is part of the MTA’s requirement for certification. Over the course of the year, you may be randomly selected to take an additional drug or alcohol test.


Is this the same as WAV Training?

No. ADA Certification is an entirely new program, and it is open to all drivers, not just those with wheelchair accessible vehicles.


Do I have to renew my ARRO ADA Certification?

You will be required to complete a brief refresher course once per year, but you will not have to retake the pre-enrollment drug test.


Do I need to do anything else to receive trips?

Bring copies of your: Driver license, hack #, insurance card, vehicle registration, and pre-employment drug test results to CMT Customer Service.