Introducing ARRO Hotspots

Did you know the ARRO Driver app provides real-time insight for busy areas, where passengers are looking for rides?

If you’ve been looking to get more trips, here’s your answer!

1) Open Your App

From your home screen, swipe up from the bottom tab that reads: “STREETS, AREAS, AIRPORTS & STANDS”.

2) Choose Your Target

If you prefer to look for passengers in a general area, select ‘AREAS’. If you prefer a more exact location, select ‘STREETS’, and so forth.

Then select one of the following target areas for a list of destinations.

CLOSEST: this will list busy areas from closest to furthest from your location
BEST: this will list busy areas from most to least popular

3) Pick your destination

After choosing a target, pick your preferred destination and the area will be highlighted blue as seen below.

4) Get more trips!

It’s that simple. Happy driving!

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